Price List


3rd March - 5th April

329 per week.

6th April -19th April.

371 per week.

20th April - 24th May.

420 per week.

25th May - 31st May.

490 per week.

1st June - 14th June.

441 per week.

15th June - 5th July.

462 per week.

6th July - 19th July.

553 per week.

20th July - 30th August.

658 per week.

31st August -6th September

567 per week.

7th September - 18th October.

385 per week.

19th October -25th October.

385 per week.

26th October - 31st December.

273 per week.

Please note:  All electricity is included in the price.

Heating in every room helps to make winter and spring breaks really enjoyable

We can sleep 6

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